How To: Back-up & compress UMD games on a memory stick

Back-up & compress UMD games on a memory stick

If you're having trouble getting games on your memory stick, this video will walk you through the steps of just what you will need to do to compress files onto a thumb drive. There are a variety of steps you will have to follow and you'll have to have a little bit of time to wait for your game to compress but the effort is well worth it.

One perk of owning a hacked PSP is that you can back up your UMD games on your computer and even on your memory stick.

Download load and then extract the files out

1. Turn on your psp and hit the select button
2. That should open your M33 VHS menu A. Go down to USB device and put it on UMD Disc than exit out.
3. Connect the USB cord and go to setting than go to USB connection and hit X
4. A folder should open up with the game inside it. (If the folder doesnt open by itself go to my computer and manually open it up) you should only have just the game nothing else and it should be an ISO format.
5. Drag the game to the desktop so that it copies on the desk top. (This may take a lil while.)
6. Install the program i have linked to this page.
7. Open up the UMD GEN
8. Then drag the ISO file that you copied to the desktop.
9. Go to save than compressed(*cso) and open it up. Name the file and put it on your desktop.
10. Once its compressed. Go to the main menu on the psp and hit select once again.
11. Go down to USB device and put it on memory stick then exit out
12. Connect to the USB Connection. I should open your memory stick files.
13. On the main folder. if you dont have an ISO folder create on by right clicking on the mouse. go to new then folder. Name it ISO in all caps. If you already have one than drag your compressed game into the ISO folder.
14. Once thats finished exit out of USB mode and hit select once again.
15. Go down to UMD ISO mode and put it on M33 driver. than exit out
16. Go to games than the memory stick and open up the game.

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