How To: Get a Lot More Use Out of Printer Ink Cartridges

Get a Lot More Use Out of Printer Ink Cartridges

This video reveals to us about the secret of ink cartridges. It is a very common problem faced by those people with ink printers that run out of ink, but this video shows us that even though it signals that we are running out of ink, do not throw the ink cartridge into the waste bin.

There is a small trick which the manufacturers do not want you to know. All the cartridges are made up of a circuit board. This circuit board has a small amount of memory that keeps a track of the amount of ink within the cartridge, but most often this level is not very accurate.

Just above the circuit board you will see a small hole. Press the small button in that hole using a paper clip. This will reset the memory of the cartridge. Plug it back and then refresh. You will see that a lot of ink is left again. Thus, you need not spend money in buying a new cartridge when your printer shows low ink level.

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Nice, but can you help me get to / find that memory chip/reset switch on an Canon PG 510 ink cartridge. Thx.

You show the How To for the Epson cartridge, but where is the instructions for the HP cartridges?

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