How To: Burn copyright DVD's

Burn copyright DVD's

Learn how to burn copyrighted DVDs with this video tutorial.

First make sure that you have a DVD burner on your computer. First you will need to download a program called "Shrink 3.2". It removes the copyright. When in doubt Google out the download. On the top left corner of the program click open disk. You should be able to play DVD with Shrink 3.2. What you need to do next is to backup the DVD. Then backup the DVD and save it. You must remember the place you have saved. There should be at least 2 files saved after the program gets done.

Then you need to download a program called "NERO". Any newer version should work. Again Google out the download or go to to find the download. You need to click 'copy entire DVD'. After that you should import the file named video that DVD Shrink3.2 saved on your computer. After you import the "video_ts" file. Click next on Nero. The Destination should be set to your DVD Drive with a blank DVD in it. Then click burn DVD, and wait 30 minutes to one hour and the movie is copied. You now have a burned DVD!

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