How To: Clean your computer keyboard in six steps

Clean your computer keyboard in six steps

Six steps to clean a membrane keyboard.

lint free cloth
cotton swabs
can of compressed air or vacuum cleaner
flat tip screwdriver
pinch of water OR 1 part water - 1 part alcohol (denatured)*

#1 Shutdown, unplug computer & keyboard.

#2 Using the screwdriver, gently remove keys (don't forget to make note of their position - better yet take a photo & print out beforehand) if you have more than one keyboard, use that as your guide, as I did.

#3 Use compressed air to remove dust & debris from keyboard.

#4 Clean keyboard with slightly damp cloth or cotton swab (do not put liquid directly on keyboard!) I dipped cotton swab, then squeezed out excess liquid.

#5 Clean each key individually (slightly damp cotton cloth).

#6 Replace keys (nothing should be wet or damp).

*available at most hardware stores - btw I used plain water

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