How To: Extract an ".exe" file

Extract an ".exe" file

Looking to open an .exe file? In this video, learn specifically how to extract an exe file onto your desktop, but additionally where to find & download the free 7-zip file archiver.

Some wireless network card and printer driver
packages come

with extra software you don't need. A lot of times preventing the installation of this "bloatware" is impossible. When you click that single ".exe" or ".msi" file the installation process automatically throws the unnecessary software on your computer no matter what.

To prevent the extra software from installing you need to open up the ".exe" or ".msi" file on your computer. When you do this you will see all the contents within the ".exe" or ".msi" independently accessible.

Note: The video tutorial below shows you how to extract an ".exe" file but it will work the same way to extract an ".msi" file.

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