How To: Hack a computer by resetting the bios password

Hack a computer by resetting the bios password

This is hardcore, serious hacking at its best. So it goes without saying that you probably shouldn't be attempting this computer hack unless you've successfully shut down your friend's computer at school using Command Prompt and sent out a fake virus to loved ones.

This tutorial will teach you how to bypass the bios password on a computer. The bios password is a protective measure that can stop someone from using your computer or changing some of the most sensitive parts of the computer. It's quite a genius safety feature. But what if you just HAVE to hack your friend's computer? Well, then read on.

There is one proven way to bypass the bios password: By removing the hard drive and then opening it on another computer. You can then reset the bios password by removing the thin battery from the computer's motherboard and waiting 5 minutes.

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You went to a lot of effort to unplug/move pc, could've left it all but the power plugged in .Undone the 2 screws, removed the battery then jump the terminals with the side of the battery. Remember it's not your computer, so why would you be so worried about static? "hacking" which is meant to be a really bad ass thing to do.

worst thing you can do is remove the battery, if you just remove the jumper and place it one pin to the left or right it will reset this is called clear cmos. (info is writen on the motherboard itself).

Removing the battery doesnt always work.. sometimes it takes like 1 hour because of the condensators. They can also kinda save the energy.

Never touch the case to lose static electricity because its connected to the motherboard and all the other parts aswell.. just touch something like a microwave..

Doesnt look like you did alot of thinking before making the movie...

No bad dude...Thanks for the info...

hi dude wuzzap!! hows your day?

uhmm i was wondering if can find my password to my myspace i have my email address but i cant get in because i forgot my password it was stored in my IM but it got deleted can u help me?

my notebook can't enter the stop at the bios look the good condition again,i must turn off the notebook approximately 10-15 minutes.i ask the professional man, he tell that i must reset my bios.i can't do the jumper by open the laptop cashing.maybe u have the other ways to make it simple bro.

its ver useful for every one

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