How To: Handle a computer crash

Handle a computer crash

You can learn to deal with the thing we all dread, a computer crash. Hopefully you diligently back up work but even if that's not case, stay calm. There is still hope and even if you're not a wiz at computers there are people out there who can help.

If your computer suffers a system failure, this guide will help you work through the pain and stress and recover lost data with ease.

You Will Need

* External drive
* Patience
* Computer expert

Step 1: Back up information

Back up important documents and information to an external drive at least once a month. This will lessen the blow of a system crash.

Step 2: Walk away

Walk away from your computer after a crash. Take a deep breath and don't panic. Return when you are able to think clearly and make logical, stress-free decisions.

Don't hit or yell at your computer. Sweet-talking your computer won't help, either.

Step 3: Wait for tomorrow

Wait for tomorrow if you suffer a computer crash late in the day or at night. Give the computer — and yourself — a break.

Step 4: Restart computer

Restart the computer and undo everything you did up until the crash including uninstalling programs, deleting downloads, and unplugging a new device.

Step 5: Turn it off

Turn off your computer if it won't boot. If there is an error message asking you a question and you don't know the answer, don't guess, but don't turn it off, either.

Step 6: Call an expert

Call an expert if your troubleshooting leads nowhere. Often it takes a professional to discover the real problem with special software.

In September 2008, heavy trading on the London Stock Exchange caused a computer crash that froze the markets for a full day.

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