How To: Hook your computer up to stereo speakers

Hook your computer up to stereo speakers

Ready to rock and roll? You don't have to listen to music through those teeny tiny computer speakers anymore! Check out this cool tutorial, and learn how to connect stereo speakers to your laptop or PC and get the most out of your music.
You Will Need:
* A 3.5 millimeter stereo Y-adapter cable
* A computer
* A stereo amplifier
* A tape measure (optional)

Step 1: Buy the right cable
Buy a stereo adapter cable with a single, mini headphone plug at one end and two RCA plugs, left and right, at the other.
Measure the distance from your computer to your stereo with a tape measure to be sure the cable you buy is long enough.

Step 2: Find the Line Out jack
Find the Line Out jack on your computer's sound card. If your computer doesn't have one, find the headphone jack.

Step 3: Plug in the cable
Insert the mini headphone plug into the computer's line out or headphone jack.

Step 4: Attach to the stereo
Insert the two RCA plugs into the corresponding AUX or TAPE inputs on your stereo amplifier. Match the colors on the plugs to the colors on the inputs.

Step 5: Set up the receiver
Set the receiver to either AUX or TAPE input.

Step 6: Play
Play an audio file on the computer. Adjust the volume on the computer or the receiver and enjoy your music.

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