How To: Install a 233 PowerForce G4 accelerator in a Mac Tower

Install a 233 PowerForce G4 accelerator in a Mac Tower

The PowerForce G4 Series 233 is the versatile single processor upgrade for PowerMac G4 AGP towers, G4 Cubes, PowerMac G4 Digital Audio, QuickSilver, and QuickSilver 2002 models. It features the G4-7451 and G4-7455 processors, with speeds up to 1.2GHz. The PowerForce G4 Series 233 processor card, like its predecessors - the Series 100 and 133 upgrades - is the most advanced, highest performance CPU card available on the market today. It's also easy to install Feature List: PowerPC 7451 or 7455 @ 800MHz to 1.2GHz (7451 technical specs) (7455 technical specs) 256K of L2 cache @ 800MHz to 1.2GHz 2MB of L3 cache @ up to 250MHz (800MHz, 1GHz and 1.2GHz models) 100MHz or 133MHz bus operation Bus ratio of 6:1 to 12:1 depending on bus and clock speeds. In this video tutorial, you'll find complete, step-by-step instructions for installing the single-CPU series 233 PowerForce G4 processor on a Power Mac Tower.

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