How To: Install a hard drive in a 15" MacBook Pro (2009)

Install a hard drive in a 15" MacBook Pro (2009)

In this video from MacOSG we learn how to install a hard drive in a 15" Macbook Pro from around 2009. For this you need a #00 Phillips head screwdriver and a T6 Torx screwdriver. Make sure you use proper anti-static precautions with this. Transfer your data to the new drive before installing. To remove the hard drive, flip over your Macbook. Use your Phillips to remove the 10 screws. Remove the 3 at the right which are longer than the other screws. Then remove the left most screw which is the same size as remaining ones. Next remove the 6 screws along the bottom. Now you can remove the bottom cover. Starting near the hinge edge, lift up and set aside. The hard drive is in the lower left corner. Remove the retaining bar. Loosen the 2 screws, and lift the drive out by pulling up the plastic tab and sliding the static connector off. Using the Torx 6 remove the 4 mounting screws. Once removed, peel off the pull tab and set the drive aside. Attach the tab to the new drive. Now attach the 4 mounting screws to the drive. Attach the static connector the drive and make sure the drive lays flat and re-attach the retainer bar and set the battery in place. Put the bottom cover in place. Put the cover back on by screwing in the screws starting with the longer ones at the right. Then put in the remaining 6 screws. These go in at an angle. Now your battery is installed!

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