How To: Install memory in a Power Mac G5

Install memory in a Power Mac G5

This video demonstrates how to install additional memory into a Power Mac G5 system. It is G5,1.8 single processor machine.Start by lifting up the latch on the back for the front door. Remove the front door. Remove the plastic air blocker system and remove the main fan assembly just like is told. Going to install four 1GB memory, these are OWC 1GB chips. It's very simple to install. Have to install memory in matched pairs. There is existing 512MB memory in the form of two 256MB chips in this machine. First start at the last lower bank, so that they go in only one direction. Press the memory in and lock them very tight. Matched pairs means you need to go from the inside to the outside of the exact same size memory chips. Place the other chips in the same way. So 4.5GB of memory in this machine now in four slots. Installation of everything put in back of everything is very simple, put the fan assembly back in, air blocker back in place and then place the front door back on and latch it back in place. That's all it takes to install a memory to Power Mac G5 system.

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