How To: Make a keyboard vacuum with a USB or AC adapter

Make a keyboard vacuum with a USB or AC adapter

This video shows how to make a USB or adapter powered keyboard vacuum. You will need a piece of cardboard, scissors, a fan, a DC adapter, electrical tape, and a ruler. On the cardboard draw four triangles and cut them out. Tape two pieces together (not too tight because they will need to be folded); then tape all four together. Fold it pyramid style and tape the ends.

Insert the fan, making sure the part with the voltage information is showing on the outside so that it will be drawing the air in instead of blowing it out. Now attach it to the adapter or USB cable. Put the orange or red cable inside the adapter head, wrap the black cable around it, and secure it with tape. Now tape a plastic bag around it, making a small hole in the bottom, and it’s ready to start vacuuming.

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