How To: Make your computer run 30-40% faster with CCleaner

Make your computer run 30-40% faster with CCleaner

CCleaner is a executable freeware that will help clean up some space in your bogged down Windows machine. This tutorial will demonstrate exactly how to use CCleaner to drastically boost your machine's speed up to 40%.

Good way to make computer faster How to make your pc fast using Ccleaner it make your pc fast and make your hardisk more free space.To download ccleaner it also clean your registry from any problem or any virus on your pc.It will make your pc fast i sure 100%.dont forget to rating and comment my video.nothing should happen but if it does, it's not my problem. Ccleaner Removes temporary internet files to clear up space and to make your computer run faster ~~~~DISCLAIMER~~~~ if you do something on there and mess up your computer its not my fault just do what i say

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