How To: Mod a USB flash drive with Household Hacker

Mod a USB flash drive with Household Hacker

Household Hacker brings you fun hack how to projects in a variety of areas: electronic hacks, computer hacks, pranks, etc. Search Household Hacker on WonderHowTo for more videos by this creator. In this video, learn how to mod a USB flash drive.

Household Hacker has put together 11 ultra-geeky flash drive mods for you. You can easily mod your USB flash drive and put it into any casing of your choice.

You just need a sharp cutting tool, some hot glue, and your imagination.

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hehe! #$%@ing funny!

huh......??????????//wow very interesting

lol at the shoe drive!! =))

haha the orange drive!! :D how about trying the USB watermelon drive? :D

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