How To: Overclock an Intel Core i7 processor

Overclock an Intel Core i7 processor

Check out this overclocking tutorial from! Intel's Core i7 processor offers a significant performance increase over previous generation Core 2 processors. In addition, like the legacy Core 2 architecture, the new Core i7 also has a bunch more headroom for wringing upside performance out of the chip, maximizing value, power and return on your investment with overclocking. In fact, Intel actually built-in a predefined overclocking feature called "Turbo Mode". We explain how not only Core i7 Turbo Mode works but also how to manually overclock the Core i7 in the BIOS as well as give you strategies on maintaining stability of the system as you ramp up the Core i7 core frequency for even larger gains in performance.

Test System and Equipment: In this video spotlight we're overclocking the Intel Core i7 processor on Digital Storm's 950Si custom Core i7 gaming system that utilizes EVGA's X58 3X SLI motherboard and Corsair Triple Channel DDR3 memory. Be sure to check out the Digital Storm and EVGA articles for additional details and a full review of the platform we tested on, as well as our Core i7 launch article, if you'd like a refresher on the chip-level technology we were working with in this HotHardware How-To.

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