How To: Print on the go with HP mobile wireless printers

Print on the go with HP mobile wireless printers

HP has you covered with Mobile printing. With printers like the Officejet H470wbt and the PS A820 you can print on the go.

Pair the Officejet H470wbt printer with a Bluetooth device like a smartphone, PDA or notebook computer and print anywhere. The available lithium ion battery lets you print up to 480 pages of text on a single charge.

With the Photosmart A820 mobile printer, you can make sharing photos easier and more entertaining by taking computer-free printing with you wherever you go. You don't need anything but a Memory card or a Bluetooth capable device to print rich photos, ready for the whole family's enjoyment. Bring the joy of HP's photo printing technology with you wherever you go.

Use HP's mobile printing solutions to your advantage, whether it's bringing the family closer together or pushing your business to higher levels.

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