How To: Print with HP's wireless printer

Print with HP's wireless printer

When you're sharing a printer, dealing with cables and networking can be a hassle. Having a printer with built-in wireless or using a wireless conversion kit for standard printers, allows easy sharing of your printer with multiple computers.

Wirelessly access your all-in-one features from any room in the house. Fast, 802.11g wireless means you can scan, fax or print wherever you are. HP Wireless printers easily integrate into existing wireless networks.

If you have a supported USB printer you'd like to share wirelessly, the HP Wireless Upgrade Kit can easily convert it from wired to wireless. Connect the printer to the wireless base station, connect the USB adapter to your PC, and you're ready to print from any computer on the wireless network.

Wireless printing is the easy, clutter-free way to share your printers at home or in the office.

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