How To: Refill an ink cartridge

Refill an ink cartridge

If you use your inkjet printer regularly, you've probably discovered that the cost of replacing the cartridges can quickly exceed that the printer itself. Refill the cartridges yourself to save some money.

You Will Need:
* Disposable plastic gloves
* An ink refill kit
* And some paper towels

Step 1: Put on gloves
Put on disposable plastic gloves to protect your hands from the ink.

Step 2: Remove empty ink cartridge
Remove the empty ink cartridge from your inkjet printer.

Step 3: Place on paper towels
Place the empty cartridge on a bed of paper towels to catch spillage.

Step 4: Follow instructions
Follow the instructions included with your ink refill kit. Each type of ink cartridge has a different refill procedure, so make sure you read carefully.
*Tip: Regardless of the type of ink cartridge, handle it with care. You can easily damage the cartridge, resulting in leaks that render it useless.

Step 5: Blot print head
After completing the refill procedure, use a folded paper towel to carefully blot—not wipe or rub—the print head at the bottom of the cartridge. Do this until it stops bleeding.
*Tip: Extend the life of your printer by following the cleaning and priming cycles specified for your model.

Step 6: Install ink cartridge
Install the ink cartridge in your printer according to the directions.

Step 7: Print something
Print something immediately to get the ink flowing. Print several test pages, preferably ones with many different colors.

*Fact: Manufacturers of inkjet printers make more from the sale of replacement ink cartridges than they do from the sale of their printers.

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