How To: Remove the top case and keyboard from a 13" MacBook

Remove the top case and keyboard from a 13" MacBook

Accidents will happen. This brief how-to will guide you through the process of removing your 13" MacBook's top case both quickly and efficiently without damaging any of the components, the first necessary step of any successful repair. This tutorial will also be of use to those who wish to learn more about the guts of their MacBooks without actually disassembling their units.

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That top case just won't come off unless you take the three small screws out of the tabs flanking the RAM slots! Look on the battery compartment wall opposite the wall with ten screws to see what I mean.

Yeah- that guy is right--- you HAVE to remove the 2 extra screws next top the RAM--- so that means remove ALL 5 screws that you see next to the RAM!!!! If you don't you could end up causing some major damaging by trying to force it off!!!!!!!!!!!

Errrr.... I meant the 3 extra screws... so that means ALL 6 screws need to be removed next to the RAM!!! Sorry, I was missing a screw, so I forgot to add that in LOL

Yes I had the same problem but eventually found the 6 extra screws requiring removal. The worst problem was a tag getting stuck behind the metal strip by the battery connection. Took me ages to figure out how to release that before the keyboard would release.

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