How To: Repair an iPod Nano 4th Generation

Repair an iPod Nano 4th Generation

In this tutorial, we learn how to repair an iPod Nano 4th Generation. First, remove the top and the bottom bezel from the device using a small and flat tool. When these are removed, switches will fall out, make sure to set these aside in a safe area. Now, remove the Philips screws that are in the top and the bottom of the device and set them aside. You will be able to take apart the top from the bottom now. The dock connector will be inside where the motherboard and circuits are at. Repair the problem with your device, then place all the parts back on the Nano as you removed them. When finished, it will be fixed and not damaged!

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so i get to the part where you slide out the top cage on the lcd. and it won't come loose. sooooooo i accidenatally broke the cage part, but the hold switch is intact and nothing else is damaged. how the hell am i supposed to get the lcd free??? help!

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