How To: Set up and use IDE / SATA to USB adapters

Set up and use IDE / SATA to USB adapters

If you're a certified computer nerd along the lines of NASA scientist Howard from "The Big Bang Theory," then you know how frustrating it can be transferring large amounts of data between an external hard drive or other drive and your main computer, especially when you're in a rush to get experiment data in. Usually this requires mounting the drive into a system or external case first.

But you can vastly speed up your data transfer experience by using an IDE / SATA to USB adapter.

In this computer hardware video your host will explain what these adapters are, talk about what you can use them for, go over their features, show you what they and the other components look like, and finally show you how to connect up an IDE and also a SATA drive to a computer using one of them.

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