How To: Super cool your PC with a car radiator

Super cool your PC with a car radiator

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Most people know about water cooling a computer if you want to overclock it, or simply cool it down, but most don't know that. Check out this video to learn how to cool your computer using a car radiator!

From Revision3:
It all started with a snarky friend back East that took great pains to call and say, "Nice intro to water cooling, but I expected something a little more over the top!"

OK... we can do that.

A quick trip to the local auto recycler and we had a radiator from an old Dodge in our hands.

Now we can find out what happens if you radically increase the size of the heat exchanger attached to the water block that cools your CPU in a water cooled PC.

We've also learned quite a bit about "proper thermal conductor installation" since Episode 48, specifically, how Arctic Silver wants you to apply the spiffy thermal grease we use between our processors and heat sinks. Check the the instructions on their website, they vary between AMD and Intel and by model!

Annnnnd, while we're rooting around with 5/8 inch hose and a car radiator, we throw a Zalman Zalman CNPS9500 AT air cooler and compare the temperate results for all three.

Which combo did the best job keeping our CPU temps down? You'll have to watch the show to find out!

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