How To: Swap the hard drive on a second-generation iMac G3

Swap the hard drive on a second-generation iMac G3

bghoo8313 describes how to swap an imac G3 hard drive. Unscrew knob on the hatch on the back of the computer unit. Remove the RAM and the card. Take out 4 screws, 2 on the top and the other 2 under the guard. Pry it open with a screwdriver. Take out the outer screws under the guard. Open the unit from the "Apple" logo on the back. You will hear snaps, but the unit is not damaged. There are 6 radiation screws, take them out. Use a magnetic head screwdriver to avoid dropping screws. There are 4 screws that hold the hard drive in place. Remove them to take out the hard drive. Put in a new hard drive and screw everything back together to hold it together in place. Finally, put everything back together to have a functional computer unit. Boot up the imac computer to test the functionality of the new hard drive.

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