How To: Update your nVidia graphics card drivers

Update your nVidia graphics card drivers

In this video, we learn how to update your nVidia graphics card drivers. First, go to your start menu and type in "dxdiag", then search for this. After this, go to the display table to get the information for your card. Now, go to the website for the manufacturer through your web browser. After this, click the link where you can download drivers and search for new drivers for your graphics card. Once these are finished downloading, go to your control panel, then uninstall your previous drivers from your computer. Once you are done with this, restart your computer then install the new drivers and restart Windows once more, then you are finished!

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Thank's!! If you can speak faster and more understud, I would maybee got something. And beyond
all, the picture is so blure that you can't see anything. Thank's!!

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