How To: Upgrade the RAM in an ASUS Eee PC

Upgrade the RAM in an ASUS Eee PC

Your ASUS Eee PC is small but is it fast? In this video tutorial, you'll find step-by-step instructions for installing a RAM, or memory, module in an ASUS Eee PC up to 2 GB. (Note well that this upgrade will void your warranty.) To learn what you'll need to upgrade your Eee PC, press play!

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Awesome Video! I am such a novice involving anything technological, but this was a step by step guide on how to insert a new RAM. Thank you, Nate.

dose this increase your memory on your local disc drive _c_
if so this would help me out so much

I followed instructions, computer booted fine, however system properties still show .99 GB ram rather than 2.0 GB (yes I confirmed ram installed was 2.0). What now?

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