How To: Upgrade your RAM on a Samsung NC20 netbook

Upgrade your RAM on a Samsung NC20 netbook

If you're interested in upgrading your RAM for the Samsung NC20 netbook, this video shows you how. This simple to follow video gives you a quick and simple way to make changes to your netbook. The only tool that is required is a small screwdriver.

1. Make sure to "ground yourself" which means getting rid of any static electricity that may be in your body. You can do so by touching something metal.

2. Unplug the power cable and clip out the laptop battery.

3. Look at what screws that are needed to be taken out of the cover and remove them.

4. Once unscrewed, remove the cover and locate the RAM. Un-clip the already installed RAM by clipping back the two metal clips on each side. The RAM will flip up and once it does, pull the card straight out.

5. Get your new RAM and make sure it is installed properly so the notch is lined up. Push it slightly at an angle until you feel a click. Once it has clicked, push the RAM down into the laptop and it will clip into place.

6. Make sure to put the cover back on and insert the screws back in.

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