How To: Use the HP Compaq 2710p Business Notebook PC

Use the HP Compaq 2710p Business Notebook PC

Get a new perspective on computing with an HP Tablet PC.

HP's Tablet PCs are well-equipped personal notebooks, with a significant twist. The display turns around one hundred and eighty degrees, transforming your notebook into a flat tablet touchscreen PC.

Spin the HP Compaq twenty-seven ten P Business Notebook PC's screen around for giving presentations, or use the tablet like an advanced touchscreen and "write" directly onto the display. The reinforced top is designed to take it.

Converting to tablet mode only takes seconds, and the screen automatically changes orientation. The bright Illumi-Lite display remains viewable even at extreme angles and makes it easy to see the keyboard when working at night.

And, the lightweight form factor and fingerprint security make the twenty-seven ten P an ideal choice for business travelers.

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waht is the materebord

how can I get my pre installed windows for hp compaq 2710p

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