How To: Use the Wondershare DVD ripper for Mac

Use the Wondershare DVD ripper for Mac

This video tutorial from burnworld shows how to use Wondershare DVD ripper on Mac computer.

To start, open the application. Click Load DVD. Browse for DVD you want to rip.

Click Choose. Its content will be opened in the main application window.

You can preview your DVD. You can use Trim tool to cut video where you want.

Just set slider points what part of DVD you want to rip.

Click OK. You can use Crop tool as well, to change the size of DVD picture.

Video effects button allows to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, volume, add filters etc.

You can choose output format from drop-down menu at the bottom of main window.

Change video and audio settings by click Settings button.

Type output filename your ripped DVD will have.

Choose subtitles. Choose audio and output destination.

Finally press Start and ripping process will begin. From Converter window you will see preview, which can be turned off, and progress bars.

Once the process is complete you will have your DVD ripped to your Mac computer.

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