News: Cardboard PC is Ultimate Green Machine

Cardboard PC is Ultimate Green Machine

Designer Brenden Macaluso's Recompute is an eco-conscious desktop PC constructed with sustainable cardboard. Everyone knows you're not supposed to get electronics wet, but seriously, you really better keep this one dry.

Cardboard PC is Ultimate Green Machine

Via I.D. Magazine:

"This working desktop computer features a standard motherboard, hard drive, and power supply, all friction fit within a cardboard housing. Wireless adapters and external hard drives can be plugged and unplugged into USB ports. While the average desktop case contains more than 150 parts, which take more than 300 processes to manufacture, Recompute uses 12 die-cut patterns, 40 square feet of cardboad, and 6 ounces of glue."

Cardboard PC is Ultimate Green Machine

Note: cardboard does not necessarily = dirt cheap. The Linux-based 2.2GHz Athlon X2 goes for $500 (according the Engadget, that would be double what you might pay for a regular version). The 2.8GHz Athlon II Quad Core-based Windows 7 system goes for $1,000 (also double). The cheapest option is the $200 DIY kit with a 400W power supply.

Click through for Engadget's full breakdown of the product.

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