News: Cool a computer in an aquarium of mineral oil

Cool a computer in an aquarium of mineral oil


Thats a great idea! I forgot about mineral oil being non conductive... haha, you guys rock!

how does it work ? ... i dont get it but i wanna do it ....doesnt it mess up your system if its filled with a liquid :S

no, the reason why most liquids will ruin a computer is because they are highly conductive (meaning they will channel electricity) leading to shorts and the like. mineral oil is non conductive, so no electricity will pass through it. however, i doubt that if you try to pull your parts out, you'd be able to use it for any other computer.

So if i bought a cheal new set up and tried it out it wouldnt mess it all up ?

it's worth it, if only to build a cool server for music / netflix.

yeah, you better be happy with the way your hardware setup is, because its fixed the way it is from then on. It might be possible to use something like kerosene or another "dry" solvent to remove the oil, but of course that would take some research... to quote plucky duck "this is a job for...someone else!"

what are the advantages to this does it keep your computer from overheating

can mineral oil sustain aquatic life? I've done a little research and found that it can be used as a pesticide so I would guess this isn't possible, plus the fish food could cause some trouble.

hmm.. when it's time to clean the computer.. would you pressure wash it with mineral oil as well? o.o

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