News: Two Crazy German Dudes Go Powerbook Snowboarding

Two Crazy German Dudes Go Powerbook Snowboarding

Not sure I quite understand the point of modding two Powerbooks into a snowboard, but I admire the energy behind the project. Very rough translation via YouTube:

"Two old laptops lying around... Old laptops, a few screws, a snowboard connection and rock 'n' rolling, my new snowboard was born!"

According to Engadget, the project was done for a "competition asking for creative ways to re-utilize old gear." Check out the second video in the gallery below to view another entry for the competition: laptop heated slippers (even weirder, even less useful).

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Ugh, anyone else cringe when he took a drill to it?

It's just wrong.

Ha, ha that's funny. I'm sure all kinds of macs are pulling their hair out.

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