How To: Remove & autorun.inf virus & trojan files

Remove & autorun.inf virus & trojan files

In this Computers & Programming video tutorial you will learn how to remove & autorun.inf virus & trojan files. Go to my documents > tools > folder options > view and unhide the files and click OK. Open up the task manager. Under properties, click on explorer and end that process. Then look for wscript.exe, select it and minimize the task manager. Now open up command prompt and type in ‘dir’ against C drive. This will not list the hidden files. So, you type in ‘attrib –r –s –h autorun.inf’ and ‘attrib –r –s –h’ and ‘dir’. Now you will see these hidden files. Go ahead and delete these files by typing in the commands shown in the video. This is the way to manually delete viruses.

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