How To: Install a water cooling system on a PC

Install a water cooling system on a PC

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On David Randolph's final episode we go deep inside the thermal management on a $5000 PC, install a watercooling kit on the $500 and fabricate a fan adapter with the VersaLASER.

From Revision3:
If you've never dabled in water cooling, it's all about removing heat from the components in your machine using water instead of air, tho instead of having a 'cooling jacket' designed into the engine block, you attach a waterblock to the component you want to cool on your motherboard (or GPU, HD, memory, etc) in place of a heat sink, along with a set of tubes, a heat exchangher (ie, radiator) along with a pump to move your coolant.

The process works like the radiator and coolant in your car, unless, of course, you're driving something that's air cooled like a vintage VW Bug

Why do people watercool? 'Cause H20 transfers heat better than air. And if you have a quiet pump, your machine can be super silent.

On the show we go inside a spectacular example of water cooling (and thermal management), HP's BLACKBIRD002.

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