How To: Clean an LCD screen without harming it

Clean an LCD screen without harming it

There are a variety of substances that you can use to clean your LCD screen. The one thing you don't want to use is anything that has alcohol in it. Alcohol will damage your LCD. Any LCD cleaning liquid will work to safely clean your LCD. It is also good to use a microfiber cloth also so that they don't put any scratches in the screen. You should never use napkins, paper towels, or Kleenex. The primary ingredient in most LCD cleaners is water. The key is that they remove the impurities and chemicals that are in tap water so that it is safe for your screen. You will be surprised at how dirty your screen is when you decide to clean it. There are also roller or squeegee type devices that you put he spray on and clean with. The rollers and squeegees are made with a soft material that is safe for the screen also. So occasionally give your screen a good cleaning to keep it in good working condition.

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