How To: Completely erase all the data on your hard drive

Completely erase all the data on your hard drive

In this video the instructor gives tips on how to erase a PC hard drive. An MIT study shows that 74 percent of the discarded hard drives contain private data on them that can be read and recovered by others. So you should learn how to completely erase all the data so that no one can recover or read from it later. Now formatting the drive or deleting a few files wont do it. For this you will need to have a proper software that meets or exceeds that US Department of Defense standards for data removal. Some of the recommended programs are Drive Scrubber, Boot and Nuke, and Kill Disk. Using this software you can get your work done. This video gives information on how to delete data permanently from your PC hard drive.

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Automatically Clear all data on computer, after 1-2 months

(example: if i set to clear data today, it could be Erase on after 1-2 months, it's possible or not) Please help me. Sorry why I'm asking like this i tell you later.

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