How To: Clean an Apple keyboard with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Clean an Apple keyboard with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Keyboards get really dirty from your hands, food, spilled drinks, pens, pencils and everything else that winds up on your desk. This video will show you a great way to clean you white Apple keyboard (wireless or wired) so that it shines like you just bought it. All you need is a handy cleaning product called Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. This will get all of the dirt off of your white keys that come with Mac computers. Make sure to clean the keys and the inside between all of these keys as well. Make sure to disable your keyboard before you start to clean it, or you will end up pressing buttons and keys that will go onto your computer. When you are done take a soft cloth and wipe the keyboard down once more, then you are finished and ready to use your keyboard again!

*Mister Clean Magic Eraser
*Microfiber cloth for drying

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